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Wyruz are a hard hitting thrash metal-band from Hamar, Norway. In August/September 2016, their second album "Judge And Jury" will be released on Battlegod Productions. They have already done one Norwegian tour, supporting Harm, under the Battlegod flag.

Early 2016 they released the first teaser from the album in the form of a music video of the song "Carved In Stone". The video got over 20,000 views the first day and the anticipation of this album is shared by many.

Wyruz released their debut album “Fire At Will” in 2012. It received good critics both within the Norwegian and foreign press. The following year they embarked on an two week long European tour called “The Norwegian Invasion Tour”. It consisted of 5 Norwegian bands with Blood Red Throne as main act, and Wyruz playing in the co- headliner place on the bill. The rest of the year they did a bunch one-off gigs through Norway. In 2014 they played at the “Inferno Festival” in Oslo, Norway and “Massive Destruction Festival” in Drammen. They also started writing and recording their second album which continued in 2015, and also played at “Blastfest” in Bergen, Norway in late February. They also got invited back to Drammen to do the kick-off show to “Massive Destruction Festival” as headliners.

Late summer 2015 the album and its cover art were completed.

In the earlier days, Wyruz drew influences from such bands as Slayer and Death, but they quickly developed their own style, combining elements of extreme music. Their music can not be described as pure thrash as they incorporate elements from death and heavy metal as well. You could say they often like to keep full speed, but they are not afraid to slow down and explore the heavier aspects of playing. Wyruz have opened and shared stages with bands in the likes of The Entombed, 1349, Havok, Blood Red Throne, Sabbat, Red Harvest and Keep Of Kalessin.

Wyruz is:

Vegar Larsen - Guitar/Vocal
Kim Nybakken - Guitar
Kenneth Skårholen - Drums/Backing Vocals
Atle Johannessen Sjørengen – Bass